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Release Date: Apr 15, 2016
Elmore Magazine | This band may be turning out the best harmonies since the vintage days of Crosby, Stills and Nash. (Apr 2016)

American Songwriter | This sophomore set tamps down the loosey-goosey back porch jamboree vibe that enlivened the band’s debut, in favor of a slightly more studied style that still feels as comfy as a worn pair of jeans. (Apr 2016)

Huffington Post | Willie Sugarcapps, their spirited and spiritual act that blends blues, folk, country, rock and soul into a congenial collective full of colorful camaraderie. (Apr 2016)

Songfacts  | The album is fittingly titled as it's a burst of positivity leaving the listener in a blissful and jubilant mood. (Apr 2016)

Anne Carlini | Willie Sugarcapps is a band never set in their ways - and nor is their addictive, and fresh-sounding music. (Apr 2016)

Phil's Picks | A forty-seven minute musical experience that listeners will agree is one of the best of not just one genre but each noted field this year. (Mar 2016)

Release Date: Aug 2013

All Music | Lots of records get made in a single day, but few possess the quality songwriting and inspired performances this one does. Fewer still so authentically evoke the sense of the region, topography, history, and people of a particular place. Willie Sugarcapps does all this. It is raw and immediate, yet warm, full, and inviting, all while seeming effortlessly rendered. This is the very definition of Americana.

American Songwriter | Eventually, what began as a weekly jam session started growing into something bigger, and Willie Sugarcapps — a twangy, rootsy, harmony-fueled band, with a lineup of harmony singers and multi-instrumentalists — was born.

CMT Edge | The band members of Willie Sugarcapps capture an intriguing Gulf Coast vibe on their upcoming album, also titled Willie Sugarcapps.

The Alternate Root | Top Ten Songs of the Week | Mountain music and modern self-analysis meet for a therapy session in “Energy”. | Born from late night jam sessions at The Frog Pond in Alabama, this group has been called an Americana Traveling Wilburys, and the comparison is apt.

The Bluegrass Situation | A super group of sorts, Willie Sugarcaps makes a surprise entry into the category of this year’s most promising ensembles.

Engine 145 | this coalition of strong songwriters and singers have come up with a funky set of new songs that prove that storytelling balladry with strong folk and old time influences need not be all medium intensity, rhythm-challenged or sexless...

The Southern Rambler | The band Willie Sugarcapps was born in front of an audience. There was no rehearsal, no warm up, and no set list...

Groove Loves Melody | Heard this the other day on Soundcloud and really enjoyed the melody. It has the country, folksy feel of Texas and Louisiana-Gulf coast states... | The album’s ten tracks, showcasing the band of songwriters trading on vocals, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, lap steel, bass and ukulele...

Los En Bolos | Now Willie Sugarcapps is a pretty interesting name, but it is not the name of a single person, rather it is the formation of five musicians who frequently played at a local music gathering in lower Alabama...

No Depression | Willie Sugarcapps "Gypsy Train" featuring Will Kimbrough, Sugarcane Jane, Grayson Capps & Corky Hughes from the self-titled debut album Willie Sugarcapps available August 20, 2013.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine | At first it was simply songwriter-in-the-round and jam session-styled collaborations between the five distinct musicians, but it quickly grew to become something more...

Pittsburgh Tribune | The self-titled debut is a 10-track gathering of twangy tunes that find the five principals sharing lead vocals and creating some pitch-perfect harmonies.

Songs: Illinois | Americana supergroup Willie Sugarcapps shines on self-titled debut

There Stands The Glass | Willie Sugarcapps is a new semi-supergroup of Americana artists including Will Kimbrough and Grayson Capps. "Gypsy Train" is pretty. RIYL: Mary Gauthier, Lucinda Williams, John Hiatt.

Blurt Magazine | Critics may tout Willie Sugarcapps as a supergroup of sorts, but hype and resumes aside, they’ll likely also get singled out as one of this year’s most promising ensembles

Examiner | If this group isn't up for a whole host of Americana Music Awards at next year's ceremony, it's a crime.

Dirty Impound | This homey and professional, experienced and delightfully fresh, and simply some of the best roots tunesmithing happening today, top tier folk music that retains a dusty, lived-in feel that Woody Guthrie would likely have dug a great deal.

Twang Nation | Of the handfull of Americana Music supergroups taht have come about Willie Sugarcapps is one of the most super. | Storytelling is not their only connection to The Band, as Willie Sugarcapps formed over late night collaborative jams modeled after Levon Helm’s midnight rambles.

Freight Train Boogie | It's the name of the band, the name of the album and the title of the lead-off track on this album which I've had on nearly constant rotation since I saw the band at the Americana Music Conference in Nashville this year. PODCAST

Pittsburgh Tribune | The self-titled debut is a 10-track gathering of twangy tunes that find the five principals sharing lead vocals and creating some pitch-perfect harmonies.

Twisted South Magazine | Here’s hoping that Willie Sugarcapps is not merely a one off record; it would be great to hear them tour together. As it is this record is likely to show up on many “best of 2013” lists.

Offbeat New Orleans | The all-acoustic group instantaneously meshed to brew the elusive elixir of music-as-magic, as Kimbrough later posted online: “Within the first five minutes, we were all playing together. Within 10 minutes, we were all singing together.”

James Kelly's best Americana of 2013 | Atlanta Music Blog | More like a party jam session than a formal recording, this conglomeration should be in the dictionary under "organic." | Packed with some of the strongest songwriters and instrumentalists in Americana history, Willie Sugarcapps is an Americana supergroup among supergroups.