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  1. Dreamer's Sky


Dreamer’s Sky
(W. Kimbrough | Will Kimbrough Music | BMI | Administered by Bluewater Music Inc.)

All my life I've been lost in the ether
I don't mind but I could use a breather
from all this searching my soul for a spiritual high
I hear birds singing and start singing with them
Freight trains passing they keep perfect rhythm
The whole world's a symphony - I feel like I can fly
into a dreamer's sky

Junkyard dogs barking send me a message
of love and redemption from down through the ages
Sometimes hi how you doing sounds more like goodbye
But I don't mind it at all when I'm sailing
Across cloud canyons and mountains I'm scaling
It makes me wonder and time just goes marching by
Across a dreamer's sky

I've been a dreamer all my life
You could say I've dreamed it away
I know there's more than just one light
and only one first light of day
So I'll keep on dreaming tomorrow
Until I hear that angel's sigh
embrace the joy and the sorrow
and fly fly fly across a dreamer's sky

I'll soar up to the delta of venus
and sing delta blues like a scientific genius
I've got my ticket to ride Rocket Number Nine
My bomber jacket has two angel wings
and a halo helmet, for my mission, it seems
is to go much higher than anybody ever got high
way up in a dreamer's sky