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  1. Magnolia Springs


Magnolia Springs
(W. Kimbrough | Will Kimbrough Music | BMI | Administered by Bluewater Music Inc.)

I'm tired of this flatland living
landlocked town ain't got no soul
I've been wrong and been forgiven
Sanctified by Jelly Roll
It's too far from the bays and rivers
from the Gulf of Mexico
Cold wind blows I get the shivers
Southward with the wind i go

Magnolia Springs
Magnolia Springs
I was made down in the shade of
Magnolia Springs

Peaceful waters roll me over
Hush your mouth don't say a word
Silver Queen and sweet leaf clover
I'm-a raise my crop and tend my herd
I'm not long for this here city
I've bout had my fill round here
You're still young and oh so pretty
Take you where the air is clear

Magnolia Springs...

Give me little bit of your oak tree shade now
Give me little sweet soft sigh
Take a little dip in the cool green river
Catch a ride on a leaf, gon' float on by
Give me little taste of your winesweet kisses
Give me little flash of those eyes
Give me little clue about just what this is
Give me little drink, get me little high

Magnolia Springs...