Paradise Right Here
(W. Kimbrough | Will Kimbrough Music | BMI | Administered by Bluewater Music Inc.)

It's always complicated
I don't think too much about it
but it's not wise to never think at all
It's my job to be a dreamer
I've dreamed my life away
picking guitar and staring at the wall
staring at the wall
With what's left of a pencil
and a little bit of paper
too much coffee, whiskey, wine and beer
and no matter how I slice it up
Philosophize and muse
I keep finding out it's paradise right here
paradise right here

Cause this is where my friends are
And the music has a heart
Bigger than the gulf of mexico
We don't talk too much about it
But I feel like I'm a part
Of something bigger way down in my soul
way down in my soul
It's the song and not the singer
Singers come and go
I'm older now and I can see things clear
I have been from Perth to Paris
and most points in between
I'm telling you it's paradise right here
Paradise right here

Right here - by the warm inviting water
Right now - with your bare feet in the sand
Right here - share it with your sons and daughters
Paradise - in the palm of your hand
Paradise - in the palm of your hand

if I had a nickel for every sleepless night
I would be rich, but not a better man
See it might just make me lazy
And it might make me regret
All that quality time working on my tan
working on my motel tan
Do you love as much as I do
the melodies and words
The guitar crying out your joys and fears
God knows I have lived it
And I'm glad to be alive
And I'm thankful for this paradise right here
paradise right here